Healthy Eating PLR - Plus a DFY Website

Healthy Eating, Diets for Health, Superfoods for Health + Website Offer



If you don't need a website, that's ok, we have two purchase options for you!

One option is for all the done-for-you content in this package, OR you can have all the content plus the easy to install website. If you are wanting to get into this highly lucrative niche but don't have the time to start a new website, now you can get started today! Each offer is filled with exceptional value, which you will see below!



Here's What's Included in This 'Healthy Eating' PLR Package

This is a huge package ready for you to edit, brand and use as your own!

You can use the report as a free gift to build your list. You can post the articles on your can add them to the report and make another can help those people looking for answers to their problems. There are many ways you can use the content in this offer and if you need help we can provide you with many ideas on how.

  • Professional Website

    Custom designed website ready to go. Be an authority in your niche. Step-by-step instructions are included. You can add whatever content you like, including the 15 articles from this package and all the graphics. Every website will be different because every person will be adding their own personal touch.

  • eBook - Power Foods for Health

    6,253 words, 32 pages. This eBook is a compilation of the 10 power food articles in this package.

    It is professionally formatted, and a disclaimer, introduction and conclusion have been added. Includes royalty free, commercial use images. It’s ready to brand as your own. Editable word doc and PDF are supplied.

  • Report - Diets for Health

    – 3,785 words, 21 pages. Formatted, disclaimer, introduction and conclusion. Fully illustrated. You can build your list and be proud of the content you are providing for your website visitors. Giving away great information builds trust too, which is important for long term customer relationships.

  • eCover Graphics for eBook and Report

    eCovers in many different styles. JPG and PNG formats. Plus the PSD files if you wish to edit and brand as your own.

  • 10 Social Posters

    These social posters can be used in your website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform. Or place them in all these places for more traffic and sharing.

  • 10 x Power Foods for Health Articles

    These articles are well researched and edited. Look at the total word count of these articles below.

  • 5 x Diets for Health Articles

    These articles cover five different diets. Add them to your report and make another eBook if you so desire.

  • Power Foods Infographic

    This infographic complements the ten super food articles provided in this package.

  • Diets for Health Infographic

    This infographic complements the five diets for health articles in this package. You can use each section separately too, so you have a total of 6 infographics you can use!

  • BONUS - Guide to Healthy Eating Infographics

    This infographic has been created to provide you with a further 4 infographics, which gives you a total of 5 to place wherever you want. Infographics like these are expensive to create, therefore, they will make you stand out as an authority!

  • BONUS - Banners

    These banners are available in all the popular sizes. Place them under your posts, in your website sidebars, or have your own team of affiliates use them. Link them to your report or eBook to grow your list or make sales.

    Receive web-ready files and the editable PSD files.

Healthy Eating - Diets and Nutrition Website

Easy to Install In Just a Few Minutes

Watch me Install The Website In Under 4 Minutes!


Step-by-step installation instructions included. Please Note: If you already have a 'healthy eating' website, you cannot use this design as it will overwrite everything on your current website. You need to install on a brand new domain.

The website link opens in a new window.

  • The website is a professional, custom designed WordPress theme, for your personal use only.
  • Complete DFY Website - Just upload the file into your NEW WordPress site and in a few minutes your site is live!
  • Step-by-step installation instructions are included. Plus a video showing exactly how to install in just a few minutes!
  • Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About and Contact form installed. (These are not automated scripts made by plugins.)
  • Affiliate program banners on 'healthy nutrition' have also been added to the website. Just change the Clickbank 'Pretty Link' and it's done. Instructions how are included.
  • Slider graphics are ready to go and the PSD files are included if you want to change the wording.
  • The logo has been created by us and you can keep it as your own. Or it can be removed and your own logo or text can be used if preferred.
  • All photographs on the website are 100% royalty free and come with a commercial use license.

Diets for Health PLR Report

Report and eCover Graphics

  • List Building Report

    Diets for Health – What Diet Suits Your Lifestyle

    – 3,785 words, 21 pages. Formatted, disclaimer and fully illustrated with 100% royalty free images. Plus, table of contents and hyperlinked pages!

  • eCover Graphics for Report

    eCovers in different styles for your desired purpose.

    Provided in JPG and PNG formats. Plus you get the PSD Files to edit the ecover and add your author name and brand as your own.

Diets for Health PLR Report

Power Foods for Health PLR eBook

eBook and eCover Graphics

  • Professionally Formatted eBook

    Power Foods for Health

    – 6,256 words, 32 pages. Formatted, disclaimer and fully illustrated with 100% royalty free images.

  • eCover Graphics for eBook

    eCovers in different styles for your desired purpose.

    Provided in JPG and PNG formats. Plus you get the PSD Files to edit the ecover and add your author name and brand as your own.

Do you prefer eBooks to articles? If so, we have made a compilation of the 10 'Power Foods for Health' articles into this beautifully formatted and illustrated eBook. The disclaimer, table of contents, introduction and conclusion have all been done for you, giving a total of 6,253 words and 32 pages. All images are for commercial use and 100% royalty free.

Power Foods for Health eBook Covers

Power Foods & Diets for Health PLR Articles

Researched, Written and Edited Professionally

  • 10 Power Foods for Health Articles

    1. Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar – 590 words
    2. Health Benefits of Apples – 548 words
    3. Health Benefits of Eating Avocados – 563 words
    4. Health Benefits of Bananas – 519 words
    5. Health Benefits of Beets – 616 words
    6. Health Benefits of Fiber-Rich Foods – 579 words
    7. Health Benefits of Garlic – 573 words
    8. Health Benefits of Ginger – 477 words
    9. Health Benefits of Green Vegetables – 603 words
    10. Health Benefits of Spices – 543 words

  • 5 Diets for Health Articles

    1. Vegetarian Diet for Health – 622 words
    2. Vegan Raw Food Diet for Health – 620 words
    3. Mediterranean Diet for Health – 658 words
    4. Raw Food Diet for Health – 592 words
    5. Paleo Diet for Health – 688 words


Social Posters

Portfolio Style Posters or Mini-Infographics

These social posters are perfect for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram...or any other social media platform of your choice. They'll get people sharing and that's what you want and need in order to grow your business.

Power Foods for Better Health Infographic

Each Section Represents a Power Food Article in This Pack

Here's a close up sample of the full-size infographic which measures 1,000px x 4,861px. Each food corresponds to one of the articles or the ebook.

Power Foods for Health PLR Infographics

Diets for Health Infographic

Each Section Represents a Diets for Health Article in This Pack

This is a full-size infographic on 'Diets for Health'. It measures 1,000px x 5,891px. Plus, the infographic has been made into the 5 different diets that go with the articles for your convenience. Vegetarian Diet, Vegan Raw Food Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Raw Food Diet, Paleo Diet.


Diets for Health PLR Infographics

Healthy Eating Infographic

Three Separate Sections Providing Healthy Eating Tips

Full-size professionally designed infographic measures 1,000px x 5,210px. Created to use as 3 more infographics. They are: Benefits of Good Carbs, Healthy Eating Tips and GMO Awareness. Authority websites have amazing infographics, now you can too with all these in this offer!

Healthy Eating PLR Infographics

Special Bonus

Banners to Promote Healthy Eating

8 different sizes! Plus PSD files to edit and brand as your own. Use the banners to promote your eBook or report.


Grab this offer today! We know you won't be disappointed with the quality of this PLR content!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long To Create? How Much To Create? +

Like you, how can we price our time and effort? Hours of work have gone into creating this package just for you. By now we are sure you can see the value in this offer so we don’t need to put a value on that! You already know! As for cost, this package is cheaper than just one article to have written by a freelance writer.

What Is PLR or Private Label Rights? +

PLR or Private Label Rights is where you and others can buy and use the content and claim it as your own. You can change it and rewrite it to make it your own individual or original style, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. That is the beauty of PLR.

You can change it or leave it as is…you have purchased the license to use as your own. You just can't resell this content as PLR!

How Do You Make PLR Unique? +

You can make your articles sound more like ‘you’ by reading through the article and adding your voice. For example, if the article sounds too technical, you can soften it by adding your own take on it or slant. Give your thoughts. It only takes a tweak here and there to make it totally and uniquely yours.

Who Provides High Quality PLR? +

We do! Plus, there are other providers that do too. Yes, there is some PLR content out there that is rubbish, however, there is also a lot of excellent PLR available from reputable sellers. We are very proud to be associated with a select group of like-minded PLR providers who, like us, focus on delivering quality content.

Can You Profit From Using PLR? +

The answer is yes! You can create your own products or use the ebooks or any other content that is done for you! You can setup sales funnels for example. Your website visitor optins to your list, learns to trust you, and becomes a buying customer. Nice. 😉

Isn't PLR Content Duplicate Content? +

This is a question that gets pushed around all over the web. I’ll give this example. A worldwide catastrophe occurs! Every newspaper, television and media source covers the event…same photos, same news…same quotes. Is it duplicate content? No. As for SEO and duplicate content…I could go on for hours explaining that one!

Do I Need To Use PLR? +

No, you can write your own and create all your own graphics. If you have the time and don’t want to spend a few dollars on already done-for-you content…then no you don’t. However, think of the big supermarkets. They use PLR groceries! They buy from a ‘PLR seller’ and rebrand it as their own. Clever don’t you think? 😉

What Is Your Refund Policy? +

We have a 'NO REFUND' policy. Why? This is private label rights content that you can download digitally. You can't return already have it on your hard-drive. So don't buy it if you're looking for a refund.

Your PLR License Details

Your PLR License

  • [YES] You can edit the content.
  • [YES] You can put your name on it.
  • [YES] You can use in your autoresponder messages.
  • [YES] You can use the report to give to your optin list.
  • [YES] You can use content to create your own ebooks.
  • [YES] You can rebrand and sell the ebook as your own.
  • [YES] You can use the content on your website.

What You Can't Do

  • [NO] You CANNOT sell as PLR - Private Label Rights.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell Resale Rights.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell Master Resale Rights.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell on auction websites or Fiverr.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell the complete package! (OR copy my sales page!)
  • [NO] You CANNOT give your customers any PSD files.
  • [NO] You CANNOT give complete package as bonus!
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell on Kindle!