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30 Self Help Articles, PLUS 70 Social Posters!
Hand-Picked From Our Store!


30 High Quality Articles... Look At The Word Counts!

  • 1. A Positive Attitude at Work Can Boost Your Success - 753 words
  • 2. Coping with Work Stress - 710 words
  • 3. Create a Personal Development Plan - 914 words
  • 4. EFT Is For Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere - 556 words
  • 5. How Can You Control Your Emotions - 857 words
  • 6. How Can You Increase Your 'Emotional Energy' - 903 words
  • 7. How Can You Overcome Emotional Sensitivity - 846 words
  • 8. How Can You Train Your Mind to Think Positively - 844 words
  • 9. How Confident Do You Appear to Others? - 696 words
  • 10. How To Improve Your Own Personal Growth - 721 words
  • 11. Improving Your Self-Esteem with NLP - 538 words
  • 12. Little Things That Cause Stress - 905 words
  • 13. Methods of Reducing Stress - 563 words
  • 14. Mindfulness for Busy Moms - 870 words
  • 15. Mindfulness for Couples - 990 words
  • 16. Mindfulness for Focus - 949 words
  • 17. NLP and Goal Setting - 548 words
  • 18. NLP and The Conscious and Subconscious Mind - 494 words
  • 19. Positive Affirmations Help You Stay Motivated - 579 words
  • 20. Positive Thinking is Great, Positive 'Action' is Better - 709 words
  • 21. Socialize to Relieve Stress - 756 words
  • 22. Stay Motivated by Staying Positive - 680 words
  • 23. Steps to Build Your Self-Confidence - 715 words
  • 24. Steps to Improve Your Self-Esteem - 785 words
  • 25. The Importance of Personal Growth - 718 words
  • 26. Time Management for Reducing Stress - 749 words
  • 27. Time Management to Prevent Stress - 669 words
  • 28. Using Emotional Freedom Technique in Public - 585 words
  • 29. What Is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique? - 560 words
  • 30. What is Self-Motivation? - 696 words

'70 Social Posters'

All Images Are Royalty Free and Commercial Use!

You'll receive 30 social posters, (each one corresponds with one of the 30 articles above), PLUS, we're giving you an extra 40 BONUS social posters for your website content, and to use on social media. That's a total of 70 social posters, including the JPG, PNG and editable PSD files. You'll have people sharing them, which means traffic and visibility for you! These graphics are professionally designed for your use!

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30 Social Posters 2
Social Posters 3
Social Posters 4
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long To Create? How Much To Create? +

Like you, how can we price our time and effort? Hours of work have gone into creating this package just for you. By now we are sure you can see the value in this offer so we don’t need to put a value on that! You already know! As for cost, this package is cheaper than just one article to have written by an expert writer.

What Is PLR or Private Label Rights? +

PLR or Private Label Rights is where you and others can buy and use the content and claim it as your own. You can change it and rewrite it to make it your own individual or original style, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. That is the beauty of PLR.

You can change it or leave it as is…you have purchased the license to use as your own!

However! This license DOES NOT give you resell rights! You CANNOT sell it as PLR or give the editable files or sell the package as a whole bundle! If you have any questions, please contact us.

How Do You Make PLR Unique? +

You can make your articles sound more like ‘you’ by reading through the article and adding your voice. For example, if the article sounds too technical, you can soften it by adding your own take on it or slant. Give your thoughts. It only takes a tweak here and there to make it totally and uniquely yours.

Who Provides High Quality PLR? +

We do! Plus, there are other providers that do too. Yes, there is some PLR content out there that is rubbish, however, there is also a lot of excellent PLR available from reputable sellers. We are very proud to be associated with a select group of like-minded PLR providers who, like us, focus on delivering quality content.

Can You Profit From Using PLR? +

The answer is yes! You can create your own products or use the ebooks or any other content that is done for you! You can setup sales funnels for example. Your website visitor optins to your list, learns to trust you, and becomes a buying customer. Nice. 😉

Isn't PLR Content Duplicate Content? +

This is a question that gets pushed around all over the web. I’ll give this example. A worldwide catastrophe occurs! Every newspaper, television and media source covers the event…same photos, same news…same quotes. Is it duplicate content? No. As for SEO and duplicate content…I could go on for hours explaining that one!

Do I Need To Use PLR? +

No, you can write your own and create all your own graphics. If you have the time and don’t want to spend a few dollars on already done-for-you content…then no you don’t. However, think of the big supermarkets. They use PLR groceries! They buy from a ‘PLR seller’ and rebrand it as their own. Clever don’t you think? 😉

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We have a 'NO REFUND' policy. Why? This is private label rights content that you can download digitally. You can't return it...you already have it on your hard-drive. So don't buy it if you're looking for a refund.

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  • [YES] You can edit the content.
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  • [YES] You can use in your autoresponder messages.
  • [YES] You can use the report to give to your optin list.
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