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There are thousands of monthly searches for related 'anti aging' keywords. Keywords include anti aging tips, anti aging foods, anti aging skin care and more! People everywhere are wanting to overcome the effects of aging on their health and beauty.

Now they can with all the content provided in this PLR special offer!

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Hi there! We're Geoff and Susan O'Dea from Master PLR.

If you're in the health and wellness niche, we know you're going to love this brand new PLR package on 'Anti Aging Secrets'. This evergreen topic covers many issues relating to aging beautifully and taking care of your health as you age. You can brand this package as your own and keep 100% of the profits!

How Can This PLR Product Help You?

Here's What's In This Special PLR Offer

This is ALL brand new PLR! We've just finished creating it for you to now rebrand as your own.

You can use the report as a free gift for those who subscribe to your list. You can post the articles on your blog...you can add them to the report and make another ebook...you can help those people looking for answers to their age related problems! There are many ways you can use the content in this offer!

'Anti Aging Guide' eBook and Graphics

  • Professionally Written eBook

    ‘Anti Aging Guide’ – 6,959 words, 33 pages.

    Formatted and includes a table of contents and easy to click hyperlinked pages. Disclaimer, introduction and conclusion added.

    Fully illustrated with 100% royalty free (commercial use) images!

  • eCover Graphics for eBook

    Anti Aging Guide eCovers – Professionally created.

    Eye-catching eCovers in four different styles to suit your own requirements.

    Provided in both JPG and PNG high quality formats. Plus you get the PSD file to edit and brand as your own!

eBook Cover Graphics

'Look Younger Than Your Age' Report & Graphics

  • List Building Report

    ‘Look Younger Than Your Age’ – 2,874 words, 16 pages.

    Formatted professionally and includes a table of contents with hyperlinked pages!

    Disclaimer and fully illustrated with 100% royalty free, commercial use images.

  • eCover Graphics for Report

    Eye-catching eCovers in four different styles. Choose the ones that suit you or use them all!

    Provided in both JPG and PNG high quality formats.

    Plus you get the PSD file to edit and brand as your own!

Report Cover Graphics

Professionally Written Articles

All our articles are professionally written and edited.

They are well-researched and full of information! They're not just filled with keywords.

Your readers will love them and so will you! Take a look at all the natural skin care articles and their word counts below...

Article Titles and Word Counts

  • Anti Aging Benefits of Exercise - 591 words
  • Anti Aging Defense - Sunshine and Vitamin D - 706 words
  • Anti Aging Tactic - Reduce Salt and Sugar - 545 words
  • Anti Aging Tips From Around The World - 598 words
  • Boost Your Metabolism to Stay Young - 570 words
  • How Exercise Can Help You Stay Young - 630 words
  • Keep Your Brain Sharp and Young - 611 words
  • Natural Anti Aging Oils - 549 words
  • Natural Home Remedies for Wrinkles - 657 words
  • Stop Wrinkle Causing Habits for Younger Looking Skin - 564 words

10 Mini Infographics

  • 10 Mini Infographics

    Lots of information are on these mini anti aging infographics. They’re perfect for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram…or any other social media platform of your choice! They’ll get people sharing!

Keyword Research

  • Keyword Report

    You’ll also receive a list of keywords with their monthly searches. There are over 700 keywords and thousands of monthly searches on this hot topic! It’s a great market to get into…if you aren’t already…and this pack will help you do just that!

"My customers always get quality PLR!"

"I love when Geoff and Susan roll out new products to promote because I know my customers always get quality PLR."

Here's A Recap of What's In This Special Offer!

All NEW Never Seen before Content!

  • Module 1 - Professionally Written eBook

    ‘Anti Aging Guide’ – 6,959 words, 33 pages. This ebook has been professionally formatted and includes a disclaimer, an introduction and conclusion. It is fully illustrated with royalty free images, that are available for commercial use. Brand as your own and keep 100% of the profits! Value $500

  • Module 2 - List Building Report

    ‘Look Younger Than Your Age’ – 2,874 words, 16 pages. Formatted, disclaimer added and fully illustrated with commercial use royalty free images! You can build your list and be proud of the content you are providing for your website visitors! Giving away great information builds trust too, which is important for long term customer relationships! Value $250

  • Module 3 - eCover Graphics for the eBook and Report

    Eye-catching eCovers in four different styles. These eCovers are provided in both JPG and PNG formats. Plus you get the PSD Files to edit the ebook and report and brand as your own! People do judge books by their covers…it’s a well known fact. First impressions do count, that’s why we provide you with high quality designs that make you look professional! Value $150

  • Module 4 - 10 High Quality Articles

    These articles are well researched, well written and edited! Look at the total word count of these articles…over 6,300 words. They aren’t little ‘posts’ they are lengthy articles that are informative and also interesting to read! Value $300

  • Module 5 - 10 Mini Infographics

    Infographics are popular…we’ve all shared one at some time or another…and people are going to want to share these mini infographics! They can be used anywhere. Use them in your website, post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform…or all of them! Value $500

  • Module 6 - Keyword Research

    You’ll also receive a list of keywords with their monthly searches. There are over 700 keywords and thousands of monthly searches on this extremely hot topic! It’s a great market to get into…after all, doesn’t every one want to turn back the clock and stop the aging process? Of course they do! You can provide the solutions!

"Your PLR goes beyond the mainstream health mumbo jumbo!"

"I love your plr! It goes beyond the mainstream health mumbo jumbo, to the real “facts”. It’s so nice to buy a package and not have to do major re-writing to get the facts straight.

Mostly, all I have to do is just a quick re-wording here and there to make it sound more like me, add my own intro/outro, and bang…done. I look forward to seeing what new topics you’ll come out with, because I know they will be of great value. Thanks, Tasha"

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Anti Aging Secrets PLR

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"The content is of high quality and I’m amazed by the level of personal attention!"

"The content is of excellent quality, and can be used “straight-out-of-the-box” or shall I say unzip and publish … (SMILE!)

I especially like how the content is written with a nice balance between authority/technical information and making the often not so obvious topics understandable to a broad audience.

This is my first experience as a customer with Master PLR, and I must say I’m beyond pleasantly surprised. Not only is the content of high quality (which is a priority for me), but above all I’m amazed by the level of personal attention I got with helping me find solutions to a technical question.

In this industry it’s not very often that we find someone who is both knowledgeable and available with her time to answer questions and help find solutions to topics that go beyond what was offered in the package.

Highly appreciated Susan. You ROCK!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long To Create? How Much To Create?

    Like you, how can we price our time and effort? Hours of work have gone into creating this package just for you. By now we are sure you can see the value in this offer so we don’t need to put a value on that! You already know! As for cost, this package is cheaper than just one article to have written!

  • q-iconWhat Is PLR or Private Label Rights?

    PLR or Private Label Rights is where you and others can buy and use the content and claim it as your own. You can change it and rewrite it to make it your own individual or original style, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. That is the beauty of PLR. You can change it or leave it as is…you have purchased the license to use it how you want.

  • q-iconCan You Profit From Using PLR?

    The answer is yes! You can create your own products or use the ebooks or any other content that is done for you! You can setup sales funnels for example. Your website visitor optins to your list, learns to trust you, and becomes a buying customer. Nice. 😉

  • q-iconHow Do You Make PLR Unique?

    You can make your articles sound more like ‘you’ by reading through the article and adding your voice. For example, if the article sounds too technical, you can soften it by adding your own take on it or slant. Give your thoughts. It only takes a tweak here and there to make it totally and uniquely yours.

  • q-iconIsn't PLR Duplicate Content?

    This is a question that gets pushed around all over the web. I’ll give this example. A worldwide catastrophe occurs! Every newspaper, television and media source covers the event…same photos, same news…same quotes. Is it duplicate content? No. As for SEO and duplicate content…I could go on for hours explaining that one!

  • q-iconWho Provides High Quality PLR?

    We do! Plus, there are a few other providers that do too. Yes, there is some content out there that is rubbish, however, there is also a lot of excellent PLR available from reputable sellers. We are very proud to be associated with a select group of like-minded PLR providers who, like us, focus on delivering quality content.

  • q-iconDo I Need To Use PLR?

    No, you can write your own and create all your own graphics. If you have the time and don’t want to spend a few dollars on already done-for-you content…then no you don’t. However, think of the big supermarkets. They use PLR groceries! They buy from a ‘PLR seller’ and rebrand it as their own. Clever don’t you think? 😉

Your PLR License

  • [YES] You can edit the content.
  • [YES] You can put your name on it.
  • [YES] You can use in your autoresponder messages.
  • [YES] You can use the report to give to your optin list.
  • [YES] You can use content to create your own ebooks.
  • [YES] You can rebrand and sell the ebook as your own.
  • [YES] You can use the content on your website.
  • [YES] You can offer it as a bonus.

What You Can't Do

  • [NO] You CANNOT sell as PLR - Private Label Rights.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell Resale Rights.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell Master Resale Rights.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell through auction websites or Fiverr.
  • [NO] You CANNOT claim copyright.
  • [NO] You CANNOT sell this as a complete package! (Or copy my sales page!)
  • [NO] You CANNOT give complete package as a bonus.
  • [NO] You CANNOT give your customers any PSD files.

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